Epic Hats.

I think were really lucky on Binweevils, that we get hats. They all come in different shapes sizes, cost. Today, as i had 46 dosh I thought i’d get 1. However, i would say save up for hats as they do cost alot of dosh. It would be way better if they were still mulch. But, it least we have them… thats the main thing. It adds a little bit more swag to our character! As a was bored 10 mins ago, I bought one that matched my look. Hopefully, you’ll find a nice one u want to buy to! That would be awesome. Image Just danceeeee, gonna be Okaii!! Yayayhh, i have a new hat to my collection.


My New Xat Chat, Open To Anyone And Everyone! A Fun Chat To Talk About Bws On ;)

Bin Express

My New Xat Chat, Open To Anyone And Everyone! A Fun Chat To Talk About Bws On ;)

Hello Again! Today, I was bored so made a very new chat. You can talk about anything, Everything on it. However, it’s a chat u can especially talk to all ur friends/buds from binweevils on. I only made it just then but, my aim is to make it a popular Xat, It’s the first chat I’ve ever made myself before, and I’m pleased with it and it was fun. Thanks for taking your time to read my comment, and I would love it sooo much if you cheaked out the Xat.

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Binweevils Party!!!

Hello again guys, I thought I would tell u that I’m going on be holding a party soon. For my birthday. I’m advertising this quite early, but I would like it to be really good. It will either be on the 10th of March Or the 11th, or if your lucky both. Soz, I haven’t decided yet as I may be out for my bday on the 11th. The party will be held at my nest, on Binweevils. Anyone is invited, so feel welcome to join in. Again, I will get lots of photos and if they’re rlly good, I may possibly upload them. Another party u don’t wanna miss. Thanks everybody, there will be More information closer to the time. And what time it is. ❤

It’s Ella958 Here!!

Hii Everyone!!! It’s Ella958 here again… Recently I have started Doshes blog. Hes such an amazing buddie, so thankyou Dosh. U will always find me on bws, I’m on it all the time. Lol. I also, Love Xat. Soo… If Ya wanna talk to me look in those places I would reccomend. xD. See U Viewers, bye for now. x